Why Are OEM Car Parts More Expensive Compared to Aftermarket Parts?

27 October 2020
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Why Are OEM Car Parts More Expensive Compared to Aftermarket Parts?
  • OEM parts are exactly the same as the components already on your car, while aftermarket parts may be different and come from various manufacturers.
  • The reason OEM parts cost more is because they are the same high-quality as your original car parts and often come with a warranty.
  • Aftermarket parts are less expensive and easier to find but may not always be high-quality.
  • The place where you get parts installed will determine whether aftermarket or OEM parts are available.
  • OEM parts are often the best choice but there are some exceptions.
For most people buying automobile parts, the price you pay is one of the most important factors in making a buying decision. Nobody has a limitless amount of money, so making sure the parts are within your budget is crucial. Because of this, it’s no big surprise that people want to know why OEM car parts tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts.   Choosing between aftermarket and original parts is a personal decision based on your specific priorities. Some individuals will find that OEM parts are the best option for them, while others may want to prioritize cost savings and go with aftermarket components. Below we’ll look at why OEM parts tend to be more expensive and how you can decide which parts are right for you.   The Difference Between Original, Aftermarket, and Used Car Parts   Not sure what the difference is between these three distinct types of car parts? Don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as you might think. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are exactly the same as the parts that originally came on your car. These are going to be the same quality and tend to be more expensive than other parts options.   On the other hand, aftermarket parts may be made by many different manufacturers. This gives you a larger selection of options when choosing a replacement component. These parts are going to be less expensive than OEM parts. You can search for various options and choose the one you like the most for installation in a vehicle.   There are also used parts that are different from both the aftermarket and OEM parts. When you buy either of the other types of parts, they are completely new. Used parts have been used and may have some wear and tear associated with them. These parts need to be inspected and may need to be repaired for them to work. However, these are also the cheapest components you will find.   Why OEM Components Tend to Cost More   OEM parts are often more expensive, but there are good reasons for that to be the case. As mentioned earlier, these parts are manufactured and designed to be full replicas of the parts that are included in a new vehicle. Aftermarket parts are only designed to be similar. Some of them can work just as well as OEM parts, while some of them may offer much worse performance. For those who know little about car parts, OEM components are the safest option.   One of the perks of using OEM parts is that they come in a single type so you can easily find what works and order it. With aftermarket parts, there are several options that can be confusing when ordering. OEM components also offer a guaranteed quality since they are going to function the same as the original parts. In most cases, OEM parts from automakers and dealers also come with warranties so you can get a refund or a replacement if they do not work correctly.   To break it down even more, OEM parts are all created the same way while aftermarket parts may not be. The best option for you may not be the same as the best option or someone else.   What to Know About Aftermarket Vehicle Parts   An aftermarket part is a component that is not sourced from the manufacturer of the vehicle. When the parts are OEM and direct replacements, they will not void the warranty on your car or truck. However, there are hundreds of companies that offer parts that are designed to operate as well or better than OEM components.   There are certain advantages to aftermarket vehicle parts, as well. The largest one is that these parts are often less expensive. The quality of these parts can also be just as good as OEM parts. However, it’s important to do some research and determine the quality of the specific parts since they vary to a huge degree between companies.   Aftermarket parts come from many companies, which means that there is a greater selection of options and a wider range of prices for them. Also, these parts are easier to access. Any local mechanic, auto parts store, or even gas station will often have a part that fits your vehicle. That means you have more options on where to take your car to have a part installed.   However, remember that quality varies with aftermarket parts. Some are inexpensive because they are created using low-quality materials. It can also be confusing to choose between various parts when there are so many options. Many aftermarket parts also come with no warranty.   Where to Get Aftermarket or OEM Car Parts   Even after deciding between OEM or aftermarket parts, you still have to determine where to purchase the parts. The options are going to depend on the repair you need and the type of shop that you plan to take your vehicle to.   If you go to a repair shop at a dealership, the only parts offered will be OEM components. These shops have no reason to provide additional products that come from competitors at lower prices than OEM parts.   Those going to independent mechanics will often have a choice between using aftermarket and OEM parts. You can decide with the mechanic’s help which option is best for your particular needs.   An independent garage that specializes in the vehicle type that you have will often have both OEM and aftermarket parts. However, they usually have quick access to both new and used OEM parts, so you have the option of saving money.   An auto body shop will often offer both OEM and aftermarket parts. However, if you are using an insurance claim for collision repair, most insurers will prefer using aftermarket parts to save money.   Knowing Whether to Choose Aftermarket or OEM Parts   Remember that all OEM parts are made equal, while that may not be the case for all aftermarket components. There are a set of advantages and disadvantages associated with either option. If you are comfortable working with your vehicle or know the main vehicle component brands, you may be able to choose quality aftermarket parts for a lower price.   However, those who prefer to have their vehicle work done at a dealership or who aren’t familiar with aftermarket parts brands may want to choose OEM parts. These components may be a bit more expensive, but you know what you are getting every time.   For all of your genuine OEM replacement part needs, count on Autofixa. We’ve been in the industry for many years and know how valuable genuine replacements are to your repair jobs. 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