Everything You Need to Know about Steering Wheel Covers

26 August 2021
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Everything You Need to Know about Steering Wheel Covers
Are you thinking of spicing up your driving experience by installing a steering wheel cover? Perhaps you want to avoid wearing out the existing material on your steering wheel, or want to improve your grip. Whatever the case – whether it’s for purely aesthetic reasons or increased practicality – the most important thing to consider before purchasing a wheel cover is that it fits your car, will not slip and is therefore road safe.  The easiest way to ensure you have a wheel cover which is designed to fit your car is by purchasing directly from the manufacturer - which you can do on Autofixa. With that important safety note, let’s have a look at some of the other things you’ll want to consider before making a purchase. From how to install and clean a cover to how much they cost and where to buy, here is everything you need to know about steering wheel covers.

How to put on a steering wheel cover

The first step to installing your new steering wheel cover is to wipe the wheel down to remove any unwanted bacteria that could form underneath the cover. Next, you want to align the cover with your steering wheel. Starting from the top, slowly unfold the cover onto the steering wheel, gently working your way down and adjusting it on the left and right as you go until you reach the bottom.

How to take off a steering wheel cover

To remove your steering wheel cover you have a couple of options. One way to do it is to force the material in one direction and then the other so that it becomes loose and easier to remove. Alternatively, you could simply use a pair of scissors to cut it off at the seams.   


Although it is possible to clean your steering wheel cover, there is always a risk that this could lead to damage (particularly if you remove it first which can loosen the material making it a poorer fit once you put it back on). Instead of risking damage, why not buy a new one directly from the manufacturer using Autofixa?

How to clean a steering wheel cover

How to clean a leather steering wheel cover

How to clean a sheepskin steering wheel cover

Generally, cleaning your steering wheel cover is as simple as using a vinyl cleaner and a cotton rag. Spray the cleaner onto the rag (not the cover) and wipe down with a damp cloth afterwards. For leather, use a damp cotton cloth and a little leather cleaner. If this isn’t available, leather shoe cleaner can make for a suitable alternative in a pinch. Be gentle, as leather scars easily -  and be sure to wipe off any excess cleaner once done as driving with a slippery wheel is hazardous. Finish by drying off with a soft towel.  You can simply shake dirt and debris out of a sheepskin wheel cover. For more extensive cleaning, you can hand wash and hang dry.

How to remove strong smell from new steering wheel cover

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about a strong smell from a new steering wheel cover, besides airing it out and letting it fade with time.

Can you put a steering wheel cover in the dryer?

No, putting a cover in the dryer could lead to shrinkage which might mean it will no longer fit your wheel.  

Fitting the Steering Wheel Cover

How to make a steering wheel cover fit tighter

How to shrink a steering wheel cover

Why are steering wheel covers so hard to put on?

If experiencing any of these issues, it’s likely the steering wheel cover you purchased is not designed specifically for your car and is therefore not fitting properly. A loosely fitting steering wheel cover can lead to risks like grip slippage. Ensure you have a steering wheel cover that is manufacturer approved - which you can find on Autofixa  

Size and Measure

What size steering wheel cover do I need?

How to measure the steering wheel for a cover

Are all steering wheel covers the same universal size to fit all cars?

Steering wheel covers are not a universal fit and you would therefore need to measure your steering wheel and compare with different sizes. The easiest and safest method is to buy a manufacturer approved steering wheel cover which is designed specifically for your vehicle. You can do this on Autofixa.  


Do steering wheel covers ruin your steering wheel?

No, quite the contrary. Steering wheel covers are designed to help prevent damage from occurring to the steering wheel itself.

Can you cover a heated steering wheel?

No. If you have a heated steering wheel, you should not cover it with anything that can insulate against heat (which includes steering wheel covers).   

Legality and Safety

Are steering wheel covers legal?

Are fluffy steering wheel covers legal?

Are steering wheel covers safe?

Are steering wheel covers okay to pass an MOT?

Do steering wheel covers slip?

Does a steering wheel cover affect insurance?

Yes, steering wheel covers are legal in the UK, including fluffy ones. However, whether or not they are safe is a different issue. Typically, for a steering wheel cover to be safe, it should fit tightly around the wheel and not slip. If your steering wheel cover is damaged, does not fit properly or slips to the extent that it affects your control over the car, you could fail an MOT. Small modifications such as installing a steering wheel cover are unlikely to affect your insurance.  


Are steering wheel covers tacky?

Do men get steering wheel covers?

Do steering wheels look better with a cover?

Whether or not steering wheel covers are tacky is a matter of opinion. There are a lot of different types of covers for both men and women, some may be considered tacky whilst others can improve your grip and the look of your steering wheel while simultaneously preventing damage.   

Why Use a Steering Wheel Cover

What is a steering wheel cover for?

Are steering wheel covers worth it?

Steering wheel covers are designed to prevent the material on your steering wheel from wearing out and improve your grip on the wheel. Whether or not buying a cover is worth it is a personal decision that you will have to make, but they can certainly be useful. If you have a leather steering wheel, for example, you might want to consider a cover in order to maintain the integrity of the leather. In addition, covers are usually cheap and easy to fit (provided your cover is manufacturer approved). Not to mention, you can always easily remove your cover if you are not satisfied.   

Picking and Purchasing the Right Steering Wheel Cover

How to choose a steering wheel cover

Will a leather steering wheel cover shrink?

How much do steering wheel covers cost?

Where can I buy steering wheel covers?

You will want to choose a steering wheel cover that is manufacturer approved specifically for your vehicle - you can do this on Autofixa. Alternatively, covers are widely available on sites such as Amazon and eBay, although keep in mind you will have to measure your steering wheel and there is no guarantee it will be a good fit, which may pose a hazard.  Steering wheel covers are usually cheap and can range anywhere from £10 up to £70+ depending on the type of cover, material and brand. A new leather steering wheel cover may be a bit looser at first, but will naturally shrink over the next few weeks to fit better to the wheel.   

Final Note

That just about covers everything you need to know about steering wheel covers. The most important takeaway is to ensure that you buy a cover that is manufacturer approved – this will ensure that the cover is road safe, easy to install and specifically designed for your steering wheel. Other than that, a lot of the other factors such as the material and design are a matter of personal taste!

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