Autofixa Direct on stage at Parts Aftermarket conference

CEO Joe Tarragano attended the ENG Parts Aftermarket event in Amsterdam Apr 3rd to chair the afternoon session on innovation in aftersales, and on the 4th to present on eCommerce for aftersales.

Joe commented "The aftermarket is facing a series of significant changes with Autonomous, Connected Car, Electrification, share and Omnichannel all presenting both opportunity and threat. Toyota's Dave Cussell's put up the slide with "OPPORTUNITYNOWHERE" and invited attendees to see what they would, and I'd add the Chinese wish/curse of 'May you live in Interesting Times'"

Automotive is facing change on an unprecedent scale and at a pace that is forcing innovation in business models and technologies and leading to changes in organisational design & collaboration models, and in culture and ways of working. "As a startup supporting OEMs in their digital efforts, we believe contributing to the debate and helping the industry learn from best practices is a key piece of being a supportive partner", Joe said.

Joe Tarragano hosting the innovation panel at the ENG Automotive Parts Panel 2019

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