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Suzuki SX4

  • The Suzuki SX4 was launched in 2006 jointly with Fiat as a hatchback and saloon and from its second generation is exclusively a mini-SUV.
  • The first generation (2006-2014, model codes RW416, RW419, RW420) was a 5-door hatchback (and a sedan in non-European markets) and available as a 5 or 6 speed manual and a 5 speed automatic, and with a range of engines (five petrol 1.5L M15A I4, 1.6L M16A I4, 1.8L M18A I4, 2.0L J20A I4, 2.0L J20B I4, and four diesel 1.3L D13A I4, 1.6L DV6ATED4 I4, 1.9 L D19A I4, 2.0L D20A I4). The model had a 2-wheel drive option in Europe.
  • The second generation (2013 onwards, models AKK310, AKK416, AKK419) was re-badged as the SX4 S-Cross and available with front-wheel drive as standard and optional four-wheel drive. Transmission options include the 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual and five engine options (the petrol 1.0L K10C I3, 1.4L K14C I4, and 1.6L M16A I4, and the turbocharged diesels 1.3L DDiS I4 and 1.6L DDiS I4)