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Suzuki Vitara

  • The Suzuki Vitara is an SUV launched in 1988 and now in its fourth generation. The second and third generations were named the Grand Vitara. The Vitara has also been known as the Escudo in various markets, and the first generation was the Sidekick in the US.
  • The first generation (1988-1998, model codes JB416, JB419, JB420, JB424) was available as a 2-door convertible soft-top and a 3-door or 4-door SUV. Engine models included the petrol 1.6L G16A I4, 1.9L G16B I4, 1.8L J18 I4 (1996-98 Sidekick Sport), 2.0L H20A V6 and two diesels 1.9L XUD I4 and 2.0L RF I4. It was available in 3 or 4 speed automatics, and a 5 speed manual.
  • The second generation (1998-2005, Grand Vitara, model code range SQ416, SQ420, SQ625, JA627) was available in 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual, with larger engine options (three petrol choices 1.6L G16B I4, 2.0L J20A I4, 2.5L H25A V6 and two diesels 2.0L RF/RFM I4 and 2.0L RHW/RHZ I4). In Europe the second generation range also featured the Grand Vitara XL-7, marketed elsewhere simply as the XL-7.
  • The third generation (2005-2015) Vitara was available in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive modes, with a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission and a range of petrol engine options and one diesel (1.6L M16A I4, 2.0L J20A I4, 2.4L J24B l4, 2.7L H27A V6, 3.2L HFV6 V6 and the diesel 1.9L F9Q I4). The third generation continues to be produced in many markets.
  • The fourth generation Vitara (2015 onwards, model code APK416) launched with a 1.6L 5-Speed manual petrol version and a 1.6L 6-speed manual diesel version and with both 2 wheel-drive and 4-wheel drive versions